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Email from the Pokemon Company - Digital League Activities for Pokémon: Sword & Shield Rebel Clash

Dear Pokémon Retailer,

The Play! Pokémon team knows that you and your staff are a direct point of contact for many Pokémon players and fans. Parents or players may ask you what resources or Pokémon activities are available while in-person events are on hold. We wanted you to be aware that you are more than welcome to distribute the free digital materials you can download here in English:

Sword & Shield – Rebel Clash: Social Media assets Sword & Shield – Rebel Clash: Activity Sheets Pokémon League: Activity Sheets (Origami, Colouring pages and more!)

We feel that given the current challenges, community is more important than ever, and want you to have the resources you need to support your local Pokémon community. In addition, if you or your location have the ability to do so, you are more than welcome to facilitate virtual Pokémon League meetings with your community during the Play! Pokémon Program downtime. Kind regards, The Pokémon Company International | Play! Retail Development

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